Federal law requires you receive certain disclosures and information about the products, services or

accounts you may receive or access in connection with your relationship with us (“Required

Information.”) With your consent we can deliver Required Information to you by a) displaying or

delivering the Required Information electronically; and/or b) requesting that you print or download the

Required Information and retain it for your records.

This notice contains important information before you consent to electronic delivery of Required

Information. Your consent also permits the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures in

connection with the Required Information.

After you have read this E-sign Disclosures and Consent, if you agree to receive Required Information from

us electronically, and if you agree to the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures in

connection with our relationship, please “SIGN” below and return to:

IPN, LLC doing business as Paybotic

1800 S. Australian Ave. Ste 400

West Palm, Beach FL 33409

Statement of electronic disclosures:

If you consent to electronic disclosures, that consent applies to all Required Information we give you or

receive from you in connection with our relationship and the associated notices, disclosures, and other


You agree to print out or download Required Information when we advise you to do so and keep it for your

records. If you are unable to print or download any Required Information, you may call us and request

paper copies. If you need to update your e-mail address or other contact information with us, you may do

so by calling us and requesting necessary updates.

Your consent does not mean that we must provide the Required Information electronically. We may at our

option deliver Required Information on paper. We may also require that certain communications from you

be delivered to us on paper at a specified address.

Withdrawing Consent

You have the right to withdraw electronic consent. However, any documents you signed electronically

before you withdrew your consent will be considered legally valid and enforceable. Any electronic

documents or disclosures may be obtained in paper form and delivered by mail. The procedure to withdraw

the electronic consent can be accomplished by choosing and clicking on the “Opt Out” tab. You may, or

may not, incur additional charges by Opting Out of the electronic consent, or for receiving paper copies of

documents. Please refer to our fee schedule for our current fees related to these matters. This fee schedule

may change from time to time; you will be notified of any such change.

Hardware and Software Requirements.In order to use electronic signatures and to receive and save any document or communication electronically,

you must have:

● A computer, mobile device, or other electronic device with internet access; and

● A secure internet browser with 128 – bit encryption; and

● A program that reads and displays PDF files such as Adobe Acrobat Reader; and

● An active email address.

To print and save your document or communication in electronic form using your computer, you will need:

● A Printer (to print paper copies); and

● A hard drive or other storage device (to download and save electronic copies).

To print and save your document or communication in electronic form using your mobile or electronic

device, you will need:

● A printer capable of printing the screen shots on your mobile or electronic device (to print paper

copies); and

● An electronic device capable of taking a screen shot that can be printed (to save electronic copies).

Changes to Hardware and /or Software Requirements.

You will be notified of any changes to the hardware and/or software requirements that may create a material

risk that you will not be able to receive, view, print or save a document or communication.

[Continued on Following Page]I have read the information about the use of electronic records, disclosures, notices, and e-mail, and

consent to the use of electronic records for the delivery of Required Information in connection with

our relationship. I will be able to view this information using my computer and software. I have an

account with an internet service provider, and I am able to send e-mail and receive e-mail with

hyperlinks to websites and attached files. I also consent to the use of electronic records and electronic

signatures in place of written documents and handwritten signatures.




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